Friday, December 3, 2010

Strange Phone Problem

I just wanted to write this out so we could refer back to it later if we need to & to let others know what to do in case it happens to them. I don't know what caused it yet, I just know what we did to fix it...

Last night (12/2/2010) at 7:28pm my cell phone got a text message from my daughter's best friend. It said "Hi, This is a****, can I talk to B*******? But when I called back the # that the text came from I got an automated message that the # I dialed was a text only phone. We thought it was a little strange but it was no big deal until our home phone rang & our caller ID said it was A****'s house calling but when we answered no one was there. So we used my cell phone to call A****'s cell phone to find out what was going on. That's when she told us that their home phone had stopped working because the battery died & they had NOT called our house. As we were on the cell phone talking to A**** we got another call from her house phone.

We ended up getting a call from her house at:

7:32 pm, 7:37 pm, 7:39 pm, 7:39 pm, 7:41 pm, 7:44 pm, 7:44 pm then we unplugged our phone from the wall.

Then we plugged it back in again to see if it was fixed & we got more calls from her house at:
8:07 pm, 8:10 pm, 8:13 pm, 8:14 pm, 8:14 pm, 8:17 pm, 8:19 pm & 8:26 pm.

Then I called A****'s mom on her cell phone & explained what was going on & she called her phone company then the calls stopped.

All done right? No.

Tonight our phone started calling a different friend's house (M***) when we were NOT using the phone. They thought we were crank calling them but we weren't. So, I called Qwest & explained to them what happened & they suggested we hang up & dial *86 to "discontinue continuous redial" because she said we must have somehow activated continuous redial. Well, we did not accidentally activate continuous redial but after I dialed *86 the phone calls stopped so that was the solution.

I wonder if M***'s phone going to start calling someone else's house tomorrow night?.........

**UPDATE on 12/4/2010**

This afternoon my children's principal called me to find out the phone # of the text message we got on 12/2/2010. She said that one of the teachers had been getting "disturbing" text messages & wanted to see if the phone # was the same. (She called everyone who went on the recent field trip because that is when the messages started & evidently the teacher had given out her cell phone # to some parents that day). Well, the # was the same. Luckily we haven't received any more texts or strange phone calls. *crossing fingers & knocking on wood*

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