Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

It's Saturday morning and I was thinking back on our week realizing how many unexpected gifts we were given.  Have you ever taken the time to process all the things that people do for you and what you've done for others in a given week?  Well, this week was pretty amazing so I'll start with Monday.

Monday I found out that Skateland had free admission so I told my daughters they could invite one friend and I would drive them to Skateland & back home again afterward.  A few days prior a Facebook friend (whom I've never met personally) offered me a free ink cartridge (sells for over $30 in stores) which is the same one I had been putting off buying for weeks because we are trying to spend money sparingly.  So on the way to Skateland we picked up the toner cartridge.  Then after Skateland I took all 4 kids to Savers & let them each pick out any $1 item they wanted because it was dollar day.
(For those keeping score that's me 2 - karma 1)

Tuesday I used the toner cartridge to print book reports for my daughter so we could take them to Bookman's in exchange for a Breyer horse (her current obsession) that she had on hold. 

Wednesday I took my daughter to Bookmans to get the horse she had been reading books and doing book reports to get.  At the checkout counter she saw another horse that she wanted so she was going to buy it herself.  However, when she got out her wallet she realized she had the wrong one (the blue one instead of the pink one) so all she had was $5 instead of $20 (Christmas & b-day money).  Seeing that my daughter did not have enough money with her, the cashier gave her an extra book report credit and let her have the 2nd horse for free.  We did not ask and it was totally unexpected.  My daughter and I are very grateful!
(me 2 - karma 2)

Thursday morning I was going to Goodwill to try to find a special outfit to wear this weekend when I meet one of my hubby's best friends from school whom he hasn't seen in about 20 years.  It was dollar day but I knew I might end up buying something that was not one dollar (dollar day is for a certain color tag which changes every week) so I printed out a coupon for 20% off your total of $10 or more (only eligible on non $1 items).  Being so happy that I had a toner cartridge I went ahead & printed out two extra coupons so I could give them to customers in the store while I was shopping.  The two women I gave the extra coupons to were grateful and both saved at least $2.00 each.
(me 3 - karma 2)

Thursday early evening I saw that the Mesa Riverview Chick Fil A restaurant was doing free child ID kits so we drove down because we haven't gotten one for the kids in a few years.  While we were there we got a dozen nuggets for the girls to share.  On the way out my youngest daughter decided she wanted to user her money to buy a slice of cheesecake so I let her go to the counter and order it herself.  I saw she needed some help counting the change out so I went over to help.  After I had it all counted out ($1.84) the male cashier gently pushed the money back to Melody and said the next time she sees someone who needs help she could use it to help them.  She was again grateful and happy to get a free slice of cheesecake. :)
(me 3 - karma 3)

Friday night my hubby decided we should watch Weird Science for our movie night so I was going to run down to Blockbuster to exchange one of our on-line rentals for an in-store rental (for free) but after checking on-line I saw that none of the Blockbusters carry that movie in-store.  I checked with Hollywood Video and found out all the ones nearby have closed down.  Then I tried to see if I could buy it used (hopefully discounted) at Bookmans or FYE but it the cheapest copy was $12.  Then I tried Wal Mart, Target & Best Buy with no luck.  I couldn't believe the only place to find this 1985 movie was to buy it used for $12.  I resigned myself to having to buy it when it dawned on me that there used to be a rental store in Chandler called Video Paradise.  I looked it up on-line & found out they had it available to rent AND there was a coupon on their site for a FREE rental for first time customers, which I was.
(me 3 - karma 4)

So, it's Saturday morning and I was reminded of the Liberty Mutual commercial that showed a sequence of people helping each other.  It first aired around February of 2007 but I still remember it and was happy to find it on YouTube:

Here is the 2nd commercial in the Good Deeds series too:

It looks like it's my turn to do a good deed so I'll be keeping my eye open today and in the future.
If you have an example of "paying it forward" to share please comment at the bottom of my blog. 

*Side note:
In case you are like me and wondered what band is in the background for both commercials, it is Hem.  The first song is called Half Acre.  It is available on the CD called Rabbit Song that was released in 2001:

The second song is called The Part Where You Let Go on the CD "Home Again, Home Again" which is Hem's 6th release in 2007.  It is unavailable on Amazon but I found it here:

The lyrics for Half Acre don't have anything to do with karma or good deeds but the melody is great.  Here are the lyrics in case you're interested:

Here's the lyrics for The Part Where You Let Go:

Lastly, this site has all the band's albums, songs & lyrics:

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  1. The Saturday after I wrote this post my dad called & told me he got a new mattress so he wanted to know if we'd like his old one. Seeing as our mattress was over 11 years old & had a hole in it where a spring was sticking up we gratefully said yes.
    (me 3 - karma 5)

    Monday before I picked up the mattress I donated a HUUUUGE box of items to a homeless shelter near our house so I'm hoping that karma & I are now even. :)


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