Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today I Learned...

I keep hearing that "You learn something new every day!" :)  So I was we really learn something new every day?  My plan is to blog about something new that I learn each day.  Hopefully it will be something new to you too & we'll both benefit from the experience.

The first time we gave them watermelon (last night) my hubby cut a seedless watermelon into quarters & we gave our 2 dogs one piece each.  When I went out the this morning to throw away the rinds I saw that they were gone!  I was a little worried that they had eaten the rinds so I did some internet research to find out if it was OK.

Today I learned...

Dogs can eat watermelon rind.
 *Note, you should give it to them in the afternoon, not right before bed (like we did last night) because I read that it will make your dog have to go potty (which both of ours did on our floor in the middle of the night).

Now, I wouldn't want you to just trust this information because "I said so" which is why I will post a few links to back up the validity so you can feel comfortable that it is correct.

The following sites all say that a dog can eat watermelon & watermelon rind:
"Don´t be afraid to give them the rind too - that´s what we used to toss to our bordeauxs as we were eating the watermelon. Like most ´peels´, the rind is loaded with vitamins...too much will give loose stools..."
"Watermelon is not really nutritionally good for dogs but it does not hurt them either. Many people myself included will allow my dog to eat watermelon rind as a fun treat to chew. They love the sweetness of it and it gives them something to chew."
"My boys also love occasional pieces of watermelon. High in Vitamin C and loaded with water, it is another excellent safe treat for dogs

There are many more which you can look up if you'd like by going to Google.

Also, there are at least a dozen You Tube videos of different dogs eating watermelon that you can check out here:

Today when I gave them watermelon I cut the rinds of 1/2 of a seedless watermelon into 2" pieces & gave it to them outside.

Thank you for reading my 3rd blog.  If you enjoyed it please comment & let me know what you  learned today too. 

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  1. I didn't know about watermelon... good to know. I do know that dogs CANNOT have grapes, onions or chocolate.


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