Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit about me

I am a bit of a walking contradiction. I don't mind questioning authority & being a unique person with my own set of beliefs but I don't like confrontation so sometimes I just let things go because it's not worth fighting about. Anyway, as sort of a fun first post I decided to write some things about me that you may or may not know:

Dos & Don'ts
I do believe that eating healthy & exercising is the optimal way to live, however, I don't always follow good advice so I could improve on both of those categories.

I am a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and make sure we say our prayers every night before bed but my family does not attend church on a regular basis for a few different reasons.

I do love buying books (because you get to keep them forever & ever so you can read them again or pass them on to family or friends) but don't like buying them new from the book store because they're usually too expensive.

I do believe that the best place for a child is with their family, not at a babysitter or daycare, but I did have each of my children attend 1 year of preschool to get them used to the idea of going to school before they started kindergarten.

I do believe in ghosts but I don't believe in zombies.

I enjoyed reading all of the Twilight saga but I don't believe in vampires.

I do love shopping but I don't like paying full price. (Which is why I shop at thrift stores, use coupons or buy things on sale whenever possible. I'm so thrifty I even use coupons at thrift stores.)

I am one of those moms who are happy when school is out during the summer or on school vacations because I enjoy spending time with my kids but sometimes I think I need to hold my ground more when it comes to discipline.

I enjoy watching TV & movies with my children as well as roller skating, bicycling, playing tennis, etc. but since we live in Arizona sometimes the high temperatures don't allow for much outdoor exercise.

I do like to take pictures of my family (especially my kids) but lately don't like pictures that are taken of me. Since my early 30s I have been gaining weight in increments along with age & went from a size 3 to a size 6 (in pants & shorts at least).

I do believe that hospitals have their place in the medical society but I don't believe that every woman who is pregnant should mindlessly get an OB & have their baby in the hospital. (Giving birth is a natural thing, you're pregnant - NOT sick)

Along those lines I do believe that a midwife knows more & cares more about her patient & their family than the majority of OBs and just because you CAN schedule your birth doesn't mean you should schedule your birth.

I believe that most famous athletes (whom many children look up to as their heroes) are overpaid & most true heroes like police officers, firefighters & teachers are underpaid.

I do like puppies & dogs but I am not much of a cat person (partially because my children & I are allergic).

I do like Facebook Scrabble & Family Feud but I don't like Farmville, Fishville, Yoville, etc.

I do like to watch & listen to comedians but sometimes the subject matter that is supposed to be funny just isn't because I don't really care for vulgar language (ya, I'm kind of a prude).

Along those lines, I think it would be just fine (& might actually benefit the world) if all the mini skirts & short shorts in existence disappeared forever & no more were ever made. What purpose do they really serve? One of my mottoes is "Just because it fits doesn't mean you should wear it."

OK, I'm sure there is more I could say but I will stop for today & mull over what I should write tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. Please comment & feel free to give me suggestions or pointers since I am new to the blogging world.

Note: I don't keep up with this blog much but I do post to my AZ Money Savin' Mama Facebook page on a daily basis (for the most part) & I've included a link to it because it's filled with money saving offers like coupons, in-store promotions, etc. to help you save money on clothing, restaurants, groceries & more:


  1. What a great first post! No wonder you and I play nice in the sandbox AKA Facebook. We have a lot of similarities, on the differences, I can bare them, so I can't imagine you loosing any friends over it.

    BTW: I was raised as a christian too, but only went to church Easter and Christmas. Although I cherish some of the memories I don't go to church and I am not baptized. I have not found a religion that I totally agree with 100%.

  2. Love IT! Absolutely love it -- so much of what you said I have to agree with 100% :)

    Great job :) Love the blog, will enjoy reading it :)

  3. Thank you for posting to sweet cakes facebook!
    Call and ask for Nick or give them your contact information.
    Or Text NickH to 90210


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